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The best way to turn your Facebook fans into customers

Boost engagement

Write directly a personal message to anyone who writes a comment on your Facebook page

100% deliverability

All messages are delivered to the inbox of users directly

Fully automatic

Setup your messages and let Auto Messenger answer people comments in real time


Add variables (such as the name of the Facebook user) to make your messages more personal and grab attention of people.

Custom messages

Create messages with custom information that will make your message unique and more efficient.


Create messages in various languages and automatically detect user's languages to deliver the best messages possible.

The best way to turn your Facebook fans into customers

Build a real strategy of conversation with Facebook users by contacting them directly on Messenger with customized messages.

Boost engagement

Custom messages

Easy to use

Fully automatic


And a lot more...

Turn your Facebook fans into customers NOW

5 reasons to try Auto Messenger NOW!

Send a personal message with 100% deliverability rate

Send links, coupons, messages… anything!

Create custom messages with name and language

Use text spinner to make each message unique

Boost engagement and get detailed statistics

A brand

You can send the last updates about your brand and your products in real time to anyone who loves your pages and comment your activity on Facebook.

Always send the last information.

A media / blog

Send a recent article, a downloadable content (such as an eBook) or an old article.

You can also detect keywords and send a custom message related to a specific category of your website.

A merchant / retailer

Propose a custom offer or a coupon related to the content that you shared or the keywords that each person used.

Create a high value strategy with a high ROI for your online store.

Live shows

Prepare special messages related to a specific keywords so your live shows becomes more interactive.

People will receive real time messages when they use the right keywords or hashtags.

A SaaS company

Send some information about your product with a direct link to signup.

You can also add a special offer to increase the signup rate.

A rockstar

Send your fans your last opus or a link to follow you on Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat so your community won't miss a piece of you.

Also give them some exclusive info they will love to share on social networks.

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