General Questions

Auto Messenger is very simple to use.

Add your Facebook Pages. Configure your messages. Then activate Auto Messenger.

Every time someone will write a comment on your Facebook page, Auto Messenger will send a message using Facebook Messenger.

Auto Messenger is working automatically.


Auto Messenger is using Facebook API to detect comments and to send messages. It allows Auto Messenger to respect the rules established by Facebook and to avoid any risk for your page to be blocked by Facebook.

Yes, you can add several Facebook pages to your Auto Messenger account.

You will soon be able to add your accounts from Instagram, Quora, LinkedIN…

Each plan is related to a specific number of messages.


Messages are sent to the Facebook Messenger of users. Facebook is delivering all the messages directly.

You can add variables in messages, such as fist names or dates.

You can write messages in different languages. Auto Messenger will automatically detect the language of the user and send the appropriate message.

You can write variations of messages that will create a unique message each time it is sent.


There are real time statistics about the number of comments, the number of messages sent and the repartition of messages.

It will give you a great overview of the impact of messages.


Each plan has a different number of pages that you can add to your Auto Messenger account.

Our support is always happy to help you. Simply send a message to

Please give us as many information as possible so we can help you in an efficient way.


You can invite your friends to join Auto Messenger.

Each tome one of your friend creates an account, you will have 1 month FREE (with a limit of 12 months).

Yes, of course.

You can cancel your monthly plan when you want.

But that would make us really sad.

Yes. We take security and privacy very seriously.

We decided to use Stripe to manage our payments. It’s a very famous and reliable company used by a lot of startups around the world such as Kickstarter, Slack, Deliveroo, Shopify, Pinterest, Drivy…